Hemp, Bamboo, and a Dairy Free Diet Save the Day

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cruz is making strides on staying soil free........ Yippeeeee!! We have been working diligently with Seattle Children's Hospital to try and find a enema recipe for Cruz. We have been back and forth to the hospital more than we have liked over the last year. Cruz went from having 6 leaks a day to maybe 1-2 leaks a day in the last 1 1/2 weeks, so this is still new territory for us; and our finger's are crossed that the change in diet and enema recipe is working. 2 weeks ago the team that works with Cruz up at Seattle Children's Hospital told us that from a incontinence stand point Cruz is not ready for kindergarten. I thought well tell that to the little boy who is counting down day's until kindergarten starts so he can be in school with his big brother's and friend's.

So Scott and I have been trying everything from decreasing the amount of water and glycerin he gets in his morning enema to changing his dairy intake in his diet, and I think we found a good recipe:). I also started to  research the most absorbing material that will catch soils and still leave him without a rash. I found that bamboo and hemp are the most absorbent and will leave him rash free. I have started to sew hemp and the bamboo material to fit in his underwear and I attached velcro so it can be removed from his underwear easily. In case he does have a leak the hemp and bamboo material will keep it from running down his leg, or prevent him from having a wet stain on his pants:).

Cruz will be starting kindergarten in the fall, and we can not be more excited for him.

Cruz hanging with his 2 older brother's.

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