Our Little Fishies..........

Thursday, July 24, 2014

It has been such a fun summer watching Cruz as he joined his brother's on the Twin Lakes Swim Team.  He has become such a skilled swimmer since last summer, and it amazes me how his attitude is so positive despite some of his obstacles. There is something sweet about having a 5 yr. old in the house, and every time I hear him giggle, or see him smile I am reminded how blessed we are to have him. There are some swim meets Cruz could not participate in due to his medical condition, and we have been up to  Seattle Children's hospital more than I have wanted to this summer, but despite it all this little boy stays so positive.

Here is a picture of Cruz jumping in the deep end.

We are equally as proud of Cole and Julian and there great swimming capabilities. Here is Cole at swim practice.

Here is Julian exiting the pool after swimming the 50 meter free swim.

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