Great New Blog about Anal Rectal Malformations

Friday, May 9, 2014

If you know of anyone who suffers from this rare birth defect (Anal Rectum Malformation) there is a great new blog to check out. Cincinnati Children's Hospital is where we took Cruz to have his first surgery performed. Even though we did not get the outcome that we so anticipated I think they are full of good information. Here is the link.

They are also hosting an event on May 20th @ 7pm EST, it is a free online, live event to help parents and families understand the issues and frustrations related to imperforate anus in children and teens. This event will feature two of Cincinnati Children's Hospital physician experts to answer patient questions. They will talk about common issues and answer specific questions from families living with imperforate anus. If you would like to be in on this event here is the link to RSVP:

Best regards to anyone that is living through this with their child, as always I'm here as a RN and a mom to share our story and answer any questions.

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